Wood - Panels - Boards

Polychimique is a market leader in the development, production and marketing of eco-friendly flame-retardant additives for timber and wood-based panels: Particle boards, MDF boards, OSB & Plywood. The method to produce a fire-retardant wood-based panel is the homogeneous mass-incorporation of our flame retardant additives during the production of the board. Our fire protection products are added in dry or liquid format during the manufacturing process. The Polychimique flame-retardants are halogen-free.

Fire-retardant wood panels

Wood is the most natural all-round building material, with numerous aesthetic and functional advantages. Unfortunately, untreated wood is highly flammable. However, with the right fire retardants, wood can offer similar fire resistance to other materials when used in roofing, walls, furniture, ceilings, etc. in a wide range of private and public applications.

• Fire-protected MDF & HDF panels

Liquid additives are added to the panel fibres during production, so panels can be manufactured at the same speed as ordinary panels.

• Fire-protected OSB panels (Oriented Strandboards)

Thanks to our unique technology, FR OSB panels can be produced in high-speed continuous press systems.

• Fire-protected particleboard

Our chemicals are characterised by their adjusted particle size distribution

• Fire-protected multiplex

The veneer is impregnated with liquid fire-retardant additives using either boiler pressure (autoclave process), or a traditional immersion process. Thanks to our unique technology, there is no discolouration.